A Fall Checklist: Seasonal Home Maintenance

fall maintenance checklist

fall maintenance checklistRegularly maintaining your home and appliances throughout the year is important to their longevity.  Here’s an easy checklist of seasonal home maintenance to think about in the fall:

  1. Examine chimney – missing mortar? loose cap?
  2. Replace furnace air filters
  3. Clean outdoor furniture
  4. Check refrigerator – clean coils, check water line for leaks
  5. Have heating system serviced
  6. Check roof for missing shingles
  7. Check flashing around chimney and vents  – reseal if necessary
  8. Vacuum electric and hot water baseboard heaters
  9. Inspect gutters and downspouts
  10. Lubricate circulating pump
  11. Cover outside of A/C units
  12. Drain and disconnect outdoor hoses
  13. Test heating systems
  14. Close crawl space vents

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