Scam Alert!

Do Not

Do NotRecently, I have had several clients who purchased homes contact me shortly after their closing to say they received a letter in the mail regarding getting a copy of their deed for a small fee – under $100.  In some cases, the company sending the letter also indicated they could get other documents as well – copy of the property card from the auditor, real estate tax record, et cetera.

I reminded my clients they would receive a copy of the deed from the closing title company once it had been recorded at the courthouse;  a standard procedure followed by title companies.  In addition, title companies provide clients with copies of all paperwork presented at the closing –either at the time of the closing or after the item has been recorded.

Real estate property card and tax information can be viewed for free online.

As always, if you receive something in the mail related to your home purchase and you have a question, give me a call.  Keep your money in your pocket!


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