Moving Soon? A 10-Step Guide to Moving

Interviewing a Mover

You did it!  You found a new home and are all set to go.  But now starts the long process of moving….

Interviewing a Mover#1 — Do It Yourself or Hire a Mover?

Ready to tackle this one yourself or should you start reviewing your list of questions for the moving company?  If you decide to haul those boxes yourself, be sure you’re prepared for all that it entails to ensure as smooth a move as possible.  If you decide to go with a company, get those questions ready for interviewing your potential movers.

#2 — Getting a Truck or Container

Estimating the size of truck you’ll need is important. suggests the following rule of thumb for sizing a moving truck: “approximately three cubic feet of space allotted per room. Using this estimate, a 24-cubic-foot truck rental should be capable of handling eight rooms worth of items.”  Always keep in mind, this is just an approximation. Typically, you’ll probably want about 150 ft of cubic space for each furnished room.

Another option is renting a portable moving container.  Be sure to consider how much space you’ll need as well as where the container will be placed at each location for loading and unloading.  If you decide to go this route, here are some tips for comparing container companies.

#3 — Round Up All Supplies

Ask around at work or local stores for extra boxes.  Save time and order supplies on online for all your moving needs — boxes, labels, rope, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc.  Don’t forget to ask for help from friends and family for packing and moving day!

 #4 — Pack It All Up!

Retain or RemovePurging and declutter is a huge time (and energy!) saver in the long run.  Do a careful decluttering as you begin moving with these tips on deciding whether to retain or removeGarage sales and charities are great ways to redistribute things you don’t need anymore.

Be strategic in your packing to save yourself headaches later.  Start with non-essential items and make sure that you know what can and can’t go into the moving truck.  Pack a suitcase for each family member as if you were going away for the weekend.  Include enough clothes and toiletries to get you through the first few days of unpacking.

Don’t Forget…

Be sure you know where the Bill of Lading is for your move — this is one piece of paper you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle.

#5 — Change Your Address (2 Weeks Out)

Start changing your address with the post office, your employer, banks, credit card companies, magazines, professional associations, voter registration board, etc.

#6 — Transfer Your Utilities (2 Weeks Out)

Schedule the cut-off dates for cable TV, Internet, trash collection, water, gas and electricity at your old address and schedule the start dates for your new home.  Want some tips for a seamless transition?  Check out these 4 Steps from

#7 —  Final Preparations (Day Before)

In addition to packing those final items and picking up the truck or confirming with the movers, be sure you take time to review these final steps including preparing your children, dumping the trash, reserving the truck’s parking spot and making the decision whether to tip the movers.

#8 — Load the Truck!

UnpackingIt’s time!  If you’ve decided to have movers, make sure your crew is well taken care of with cool water or drinks on hand and the restroom to use clearly marked.  If you’re loading the truck yourself, review these tips to load the truck safely and maximize space.

#9 — Unpacking

Make unpacking fun with these helpful strategies!  Reward yourself as you go and plan snack/drink breaks to keep everyone’s energy and spirits up.

Important Things To Locate in Your New Home

When you get to your new place, be sure you know where the important things are (like the water shut-off valve, circuit box, etc.) and review this checklist of 6 Things Everyone Should Do When Moving Into a New House.

#10 — Getting To Know Your New Neighborhood

Relocating can be a stressful process as you try to build new relationships and feelings of connection.  Consider these tips as you get to know your new neighborhood.


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