It’s the Price that Sells

It's the Price that Sells

Everyone knows that location is important; but it’s the price  that sells the home. Even the most beautiful home in the world won’t sell if the price is wrong.

It's the Price that SellsWhen you’re looking to sell your home, an experienced agent will help you set the right price for your home by taking into consideration the current real estate market in the area and comparable home sales in your area.  Check out these tips for pricing your home to sell from the RE/MAX blog or find out more about how to set the price of your home at

If you’re in the market to sell your home, why not put my 25+ years of experience in real estate to work for you?  As an experienced real estate agent, I  can guide you through the process, help resolve any issues that arise, and ensure that your home sells for the optimal price in a timely manner. I know how to handle every step of the sales process – from home valuation to delivering the keys to the new owner.  If you’re thinking of selling, contact me and we can get started today!


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