Marathon Announces Proposed Corporate Headquarters Expansion for Findlay, OH

Marathon Expansion 1

Monday, February 2nd, Marathon released its plans to expand is Corporate Headquarters in Findlay, OH.  As part of my efforts to keep you informed of important activities in our community, I’ve included the following information from Marathon below:

Marathon Expansion 1

MPC to Expand Corporate Campus
MPC has decided to embark on a multi-year project to expand and enhance its corporate offices in Findlay. The approximately $80 million capital project will provide additional office, parking and meeting space through the following additions:
  • New 120,000 square foot office building
  • New multi-use office/services building
  • Two parking decks that will contribute to the planned 2,500 total parking spaces within the campus boundaries
  • Expanded meeting room facilities within the complex
  • Green spaces that include gathering areas for employees

In addition to the expansions above, MPC is also exploring the option of having a hotel or mixed use facility built on the corporate campus available for community use. This plan has not been finalized as we look to a third party to develop this potential project.

Construction on the project is targeted to begin in spring 2014 with the first parking deck adjacent to Sandusky Street. The total project is expected to take two to three years to complete. When finished, the campus will serve as the headquarters for MPC and MPLX.

In addition to the investment in expanding the corporate headquarters, MPC will further its commitment to the community by making a $1.1 million donation to Findlay City Schools for use in technology enhancements and construction of a new school bus parking garage.

“Since 2011, we have grown by more than 200 employees at our corporate headquarters,” said Gary R. Heminger, president and chief executive officer. “It has become necessary that we expand our corporate offices to meet our increased employee base and growing business. When completed, we will have an exceptional campus that will meet the needs of our business for years to come.

“At the same time, we are pleased that we are able to keep our headquarters in Findlay where we started as a company more than 127 years ago. Our investment in a new campus, as well as our donation to Findlay City Schools, shows our long-term commitment to Findlay,” added Heminger.

The expansion to the Findlay campus will result more than 550 additional office spaces and 1,000 additional parking spaces. Details as to which functions will be housed in the new buildings will be evaluated as the campus master plan is finalized. During construction there will be disruptions to existing parking facilities. Logistics on how these disruptions will be handled are being developed and will be communicated when the plans are finalized. Your patience and cooperation throughout the construction process is greatly appreciated.

Marathon Expansion 2
An aerial map showing the existing Findlay Office Complex along with each of the items that will be built as part of the campus expansion project.

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